Air Filtration

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Modern homes are constructed to keep allergens thoroughly impermeable. While this is beneficial for electric dues, a lack of natural ventilation isn’t so nice for your indoor air standard.

An air filtration system in Bloomfield, Indiana, can help by reducing air pollution that can naturally build up in your home air.

We aren’t just alluding to your home comfort unit’s air filter here. We’re talking about a unit that can remove pet hair, germs, viruses and allergens.

Your heating and cooling unit can distribute these pollutants throughout your house many times throughout the day, so that’s why air refinement is so vital for having clean air indoors.

Our air refinement equipment work with many makes and models of heating and cooling equipment.

They include:

  • Media air cleaners
  • HEPA refinement units
  • New filters

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Lessen Allergens with an Air Purifier

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Air purifiers don’t solely filter air. It may also increase your HVAC equipment’s energy performance.

That’s because they can help eliminate contaminants that collect during routine operation.

Ready for something more effective? Select varieties offer hospital-grade filtration for pathogens, while others can extract household odors through a carbon filter.

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Decrease Germs with a Germicidal Lamp

A germicidal lantern uses the energy of ultraviolet light to diminish pollutants within your home.

Where these lamps help make your indoor air more desirable, the lamps could also keep your HVAC unit effective.

That’s because electromagnetic light eliminates dust, allergens and contaminants that can develop in your system over the years.

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Better Your House’s Indoor Air Quality with Stanford Heating & Cooling

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