Packaged Systems

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Take full advantage of your indoor and outdoor space with a packaged system in Bloomfield, Indiana, from Stanford Heating & Cooling.

Packaged systems are put in outside, giving you more productive room indoors. You can put one on your rooftop or beside your residence.

We provide various brands, models and fuel configurations, including:

  • Gas/electric
  • Electric
  • Heat pump
  • Dual fuel

Certain high-efficiency models we sell are eligible for ENERGY STAR® status, which can help you save more on electricity expenses. Whichever kind you choose, you can have a clear conscience it will offer reliable bliss for a long time.

Contact us at 812-825-8695 to find out more related to our all-in-one HVAC systems. Our professionals can help you select the appropriate system for your needs, whether you’re worried about conserving space, spending less for utilities or both!

3 Benefits of Using a Packaged HVAC System

Working On A Packaged System
An all-in-one unit provides many perks for your house, including:
  1. Maximizing areas—HVAC units can take up lots of room, especially if you don’t have a basement or huge backyard. You can put a packaged product on your rooftop to clear more capacity outdoors and indoors.
  2. Enhanced energy efficiency—A dual-fuel unit chooses the most cost-effective fuel to fulfill your heating wants, helping you save more on utility expenses. Several types are eligible for ENERGY STAR®, which can keep your home more comfortable while potentially lowering electricity bills.
  3. Easy access during maintenance—Because a packaged system is installed outside, it allows a lot of capacity for our professionals to complete heating and cooling service.

We’ll Help You Identify the Correct All-in-One HVAC System

Call us at 812-825-8695 or contact us online to get started selecting the correct all-in-one heating and cooling product for your residence. We’ll help you determine the appropriate brand for your home’s wishes.

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